Frequently Asked Questions



What is and why it was created?

I have been a domain investor for quite a few years and during this time I have accumulated a list of favorite sites. The thought then occurred to me, why not share this list with the domain community and find a way to rank these sites by popularity, so BestFew was born.

Can you explain the ranking and how it works?

My aim was not to have just a website with a bunch of links to anything useful in the domaining, I wanted to have only the most popular websites listed. So, I suggest not just click on the links but also like them. For the next couple of months, all current 430 links will be listed without any restriction but from April 2021 I will only start listing the most popular sites. Links to the less popular sites will be archived. You can like as many links as you want but not the same link. If you want to like the same link then you will have to wait 24hrs to do so.

Is it possible to suggest a link and/or a new category? How can it be done?

There are two ways you can do this, either just send me an email to or create a free account. After your account is approved, check your account dashboard, you will find that you can submit for free 2 different sites. If your suggestion is approved, it will be listed from the first day of the next month.

Can I have a favorite list of links?

Yes, just open an account at BestFew, when logged in just click on the star next to the ‘likes’ button, this places the link into your favorite list.

What are other useful and important things to know?

From April 2021 onwards, every link with the highest number of likes per month will be awarded a medal icon and will get its icon changed from a green star that is now to a medal icon. Please email me for any changes or required corrections.

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